Boston Relocation and "Empty-Nester" Tour
(three hours)
$375 -up to three people
$575 - up to six people
$775 - up to ten people
(As a qualified and certified guide I will be pleased to adjust the tour to your specific needs and interests. If you have one or more neighborhoods in mind please let me know what would be most helpful to you).
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This fully-narrated three-hour driving tour is designed to introduce Boston to those who might be moving here with emphasis on the city's culture and history and the practical considerations of moving and living here. This is also an ideal tour for anyone from the area who might be planning a move into town from the nearby suburbs. Whereas a realtor would typically specialize in a particular neighborhood, this tour is designed to present a broad overview of many neighborhoods.
This tour will begin at your hotel, airport, train or bus terminal and take you around Boston, neighborhood-by-neighborhood. We'll start downtown in the historic North End and waterfront area, and move through the Fort Point Channel, South End, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway neighborhoods. As we go I'll provide general information about average home and apartment availability and pricing, access to shopping and mass transit and other helpful points. Next we'll head for the outer neighborhoods of Cambridge, Somerville, Charlestown, South Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain and Brookline. The tour will include major historic points of interest, as well as popular cultural attractions that make live in Boston a great experience.
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