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Boston is a great city! Like most Bostonians, I love to show it off, tell the stories, point out the historic sites and lead visitors to the current attractions: museums, restaurants, sports and performance venues, etc., that make Boston unique and wonderful. Whether you're here for a few hours or a few days, or even if you're planning to move here for work, school or retirement, my goal is to show you the city in its best light and help you have fun here.

I offer a variety of driving tours around Boston and the surrounding area that I can customize to your needs and interests. The price of a tour varies based on length of time and number of guests. So check them out- if there's not one that just right, we can make one up together. And whether you take a tour or not, please feel free to use this site as a resource to find all you can do in Boston.

Book a tour and see Boston through the eyes of someone who lives here and loves it!

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